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About us

Quilting was a passion of mine that was put on hold while raising three beautiful daughters and supporting my husband in our dairy business.  We are a local family, very entwined and in love with our community of Ferndale, California.  After my daughters were grown and starting their lives of their own, I returned to quilting.  I began to take classes from Sally and fell deeper in love with fibers and fabrics and the beautiful projects I worked on.  But in the past few years it felt like something was missing, there was a seed planted by my husband that wouldn't it be nice to have a quilt shop here in our little Victorian village - that seed grew into what is now a flourishing beautiful quilt shop!  I can't wait to see how much more we will grow and where this adventure in quilting will take us.    Jacque Becker

I'm living my dream!  I have always wanted to be an owner of  a quilt shop, it's been a dream of mine since I took my first quilt class at our community college in 1993.  I went on to work in our local quilt shop and began teaching classes.  I was asked to teach at Sister's Quilter Affair in 1998 and have taught there every year since.  I have also taught classes in England but until I connected with Jacque and we started planning our venture, I didn't know how fulfilling running a business and being deeper involved in the quilt world would impact my life.  I am so happy to be living my dream, sharing my knowledge and inspiring new and seasoned quilters!    Sally Frey

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